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Erica McChesney, CVT, CPPS

Owner of Farley Pet Care

Certified Veterinary Technician,

Certified Professional Pet Sitter


Certified Pet Loss Specialist

Erica is a proud native of St. Pete.

As a young girl, Erica's father joined the Air Force moving her family out of Florida. They moved all over the US, eventually settling in Virginia.


As a teenager, Erica's first job was with a Pet Forum, a local pet store in Charlottesville, VA. Over the years she worked there she learned how to care  for small animals, birds, reptiles and fish. In her early 20's, Erica had the opportunity to work with an animal rescue, saving dogs and cats on "death row" at the local shelters and assisted in finding them homes. 

In 2002, Erica chose to move back to St Pete and attend St. Pete College's Veterinary Technology program. She completed the program and passed a state board exam in 2004 earning her degree as a Certified Veterinary Technician/Veterinary Nurse. Erica loved the years she spent working at local veterinary hospital, utilizing her nursing skills and gaining hands on experience.

In 2014, Erica took an office position with a busy Veterinary GPO in St Pete. She gained tons of business and computer experience but after a couple years at this job she desperately missed working hands on with animals.  


Erica began pet sitting in her spare time. Quickly a visit here or there turned into multiple visits every day. It became apparent to Erica that there was a void of veterinary trained pet sitters in town. Combining Erica's Veterinary Nursing Degree and a pet care business seemed like the perfect combination to offer pet owners in St Pete.

In 2017, Erica left her office job to put 100% of her time and passion into Farley Pet Care. She has never looked back and is excited to see what the future holds!



Pet Care Specialist

Karen has lived in St. Pete for a few years. Prior to moving here, she lived a bit South in Venice, FL While living in Venice, she worked for a mixed practice animal clinic learning to care for dogs, cats & farm animals, how cool is that?


Karen ran her own pet sitting business for about 10 years and is also a licensed hair stylist. 

When Karen isn't working, she enjoys spending time with her husband, dog Moses and relaxing at the beach.

Nail Trim Clinic Team

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